Two Dates a Week

Two Dates a Week: Rekindling the Spark
By Marion O’Malley & Art Scherer

Are you bored with your relationship, in a rut, disappointed with the status quo? On parallel paths, rarely intersecting? Bickering, barely talking? Resigned; thinking it might never be juicy again; tired of therapy; planning escapes, maybe even divorce?

Even a strong, committed relationship can use juicing up from time to time. Two Dates A Week is an easy, inexpensive fix for committed couples. It’s fun and therapy free. Most of all, it’s effective!

If you follow the Two Dates A Week plan faithfully for just three months, you two will FEEL the difference in your life together, whatever the difficulty.

Give up trying to remake your partner. Choose to act positively. Go on a date the Two Dates A Week way.

Make your marriage come alive again! Available for purchase on Amazon.

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