Marion O'MalleyMarion O’Malley was born into a writing family.

Her father rode around in the back of cop cars for a story; her mother wrote fiction and history.

Coming of age in the South, in the 1960s, her early interests in diversity and nonviolent communication led to a 30-year career in peace education. Marion formed the NC Center for Peace Education in 1984, served on the board and training team of Educators for Social Responsibility. She received the country’s first National Grassroots Citizen Peacemaker Award.

Marion has been published in The Sun Magazine and several international magazines. She wrote a quarterly newsletter, “Peacetalks,” for 17 years, and co-authored Dealing with Differences: A Training Manual for Young People & Adults on Intergroup Relations, Diversity, & Multicultural Education. Recently, she and her husband, Art Scherer, collaborated on an Amazon bestseller, Two Dates A Week: Rekindling the Spark.

Today, Marion lives with her husband in the North Carolina woods. She is a full-time writer with two novels in progress. Shopping With Mama: Write ’Til the End is her first memoir.